My top strengths and talent profile

Several years ago I completed the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment, then worked with Maureen Monte, a Success Architect and author of Destination Unstoppable, who is a certified strengths coach and friend, to better understand the results and realize a plan to grow my strengths, personally and professionally.

She also led me through a challenging exercise to develop a strengths and talent profile. The process forced me to think more deeply than I had before about what motivates me, things that I love to do, things that frustrate me, how I measure myself and how I want my colleagues to see me.

I am glad I participated in this practice as it helps me better define myself and articulate and remember my strengths in a tangible way so I’m more engaged and productive. Additionally, it comes in handy with new managers — I give them my profile so they can immediately see a clear picture of my strengths and talents.

Every so often I review my profile to ensure it’s up to date and finally decided it was time to share publicly; so, without further ado… my top strengths are:

  1. Woo – winning others over, breaking the ice, making people feel comfortable, keeping the conversation going in a group. I use this strength to help teams work together more effectively.
  2. Includer – making sure team members feel involved and are participating. I use this strength to make sure everyone is heard.
  3. Arranger – organizing, recognizing others strengths and coordinating responsibilities, seeing the big picture, planning. I use this strength to keep others organized and on track.
  4. Communication – telling a story, helping people understand what’s going on and making connections. I use this strength to influence others by helping them see the big picture and recognize connections among one another.
  5. Connectedness – ensuring that people know what’s going on and can see the big picture. I use this strength to help others recognize common connections that contribute to the overall success of the team.

I am most motivated by:

  • Meeting new people and seeing where we connect; building relationships and mutual trust to help us succeed.
  • Telling a story or presenting in an engaging way while communicating with impact and influencing people to make a change.
  • Helping others – whether it be learn something new or see the big picture – so they are more effective and productive.
  • Harnessing other people’s passion and creativity to help individual and team success.

3 things I love to do

  1. Collaborating with others about our ideas to inspire change while also bridging gaps.
  2. Spending time getting to know people; listening; and seeing their vulnerability; creating a safe place for all to share their talents.
  3. Organizing large events and projects and focusing on the employee experience; working in big teams to achieve results.

3 things that frustrate me

  1. When I get the impression that people don’t trust I will get the work done and done well.
  2. When people are left out – anything to do with exclusivity. No one is served by excluding the talents of others.
  3. When I feel I am not being valued or challenged.

Professional Performance – how I measure myself and how I want my colleagues to see me

  • Creating change and positive impact by being easy to work with, collaborative, responsible, friendly, creative, out-of-the-box, positive, respectful.
  • Demonstrating my sense of responsibility and becoming a trusted advisor. I am good at keeping up with or arranging my work priorities – I have an internal checklist. I work very well with deadlines. And I am a team player – I can see other people’s strengths and know how to harness them.
  • Leading by example through cultivating my natural abilities. I’m particularly adept at leading in crisis situations and helping others navigate difficult waters. This comes in useful when I’m part of a team.