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Top Tips for Mentors — How to Make Mentoring a Success!

By Jennifer Pelham

Originally posted on the IBM Jobs blog.

mentorsA while back, a new colleague of mine who knew about my background in mentoring, asked for some guidance on best practices as she prepares to be a great mentor for her new mentees. While speaking with her, I thought about how awesome it is for her, as a mentor, to be taking mentoring so seriously by preparing and seeking information.  Many times we talk about how the mentoring burden falls on the mentee – but clearly – the mentors have a huge responsibility as well.

Mentors need to be just as prepared and focused as mentees. It’s really a mutual relationship – so both parties should be giving and receiving as learners and teachers. I hope that all my mentors can say they learned something from me!

So, mentors, take heart. You have the power to make mentoring a success!

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