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Mentoring Across Borders — Cultural Diversity in Mentoring

Originally posted on the IBM Jobs blog.

 By Jennifer Pelham

In my previous article, I wrote about how mentors should take it upon themselves to create a trusting environment by being authentic. One way to do this is to be sensitive to cultural diversity. Regardless if you are mentoring someone from another country or someone from your own hometown, we all have differences and similarities. We can learn a lot if we open ourselves up and really get to know each other. Vulnerability is where the true magic of mentoring happens.


I once heard a US-based IBM executive talk about his mentoring relationship with an IBMer in Brazil. He spoke about how he learned just as much from his mentee as his mentee hopefully learned from him. Fully aware of the opportunity to learn about another culture, he shared how he expected his mentee to come prepared for their meetings with something to teach about life and work in Brazil. Continue reading

Top Tips for Mentors — How to Make Mentoring a Success!

By Jennifer Pelham

Originally posted on the IBM Jobs blog.

mentorsA while back, a new colleague of mine who knew about my background in mentoring, asked for some guidance on best practices as she prepares to be a great mentor for her new mentees. While speaking with her, I thought about how awesome it is for her, as a mentor, to be taking mentoring so seriously by preparing and seeking information.  Many times we talk about how the mentoring burden falls on the mentee – but clearly – the mentors have a huge responsibility as well.

Mentors need to be just as prepared and focused as mentees. It’s really a mutual relationship – so both parties should be giving and receiving as learners and teachers. I hope that all my mentors can say they learned something from me!

So, mentors, take heart. You have the power to make mentoring a success!

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