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Doing what I love – facilitating collaboration and communication

I recently had the awesome opportunity to facilitate a collaboration / communications strategy workshop with the paid staff at my church, Mosaic Bay, in Albany, CA. A small team of three, members took turns sharing what their top strengths (from Gallup StrengthsFinder) mean to them, then gave feedback about how they see each others’ strengths show up in the workplace.

After defining what success looks like, they focused on using their strengths to evolve the work they are doing to increase community outreach through communications and marketing strategy and tactics. Each member highlighted how they use their strengths to support the success of the team and their goals. The team discussed how their strengths work together in relation to their roles and discovered how to best collaborate as a cohesive team. Continue reading

My top strengths and talent profile

Several years ago I completed the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment, then worked with Maureen Monte, a Success Architect and author of Destination Unstoppable, who is a certified strengths coach and friend, to better understand the results and realize a plan to grow my strengths, personally and professionally.

She also led me through a challenging exercise to develop a strengths and talent profile. The process forced me to think more deeply than I had before about what motivates me, things that I love to do, things that frustrate me, how I measure myself and how I want my colleagues to see me.

I am glad I participated in this practice as it helps me better define myself and articulate and remember my strengths in a tangible way so I’m more engaged and productive. Additionally, it comes in handy with new managers — I give them my profile so they can immediately see a clear picture of my strengths and talents. Continue reading